Team Sawyer - Fabio Giacomini


Fabio has dedicated his life to board sports and handcrafting boards of all types. He became the first board shaper in his home country, Italy, and has challenged himself to keep up on all the new sports that the industry has thrown his way. He began his board-shaping career with windsurfing boards and has progressed through surfboards, kiteboards and now SUP boards. Fabio is always in pursuit of performance perfection and prides himself in making his own designs and styles. He has crafted boards for the likes of Italian icon stylist, Gucci and mythic sports car company, Ferrari.

In 2007, Fabio was dreaming of a radical new way to ride waves with speed and performance while standing the whole time and using a paddle, like Stand Up Paddle Boarding. He envisioned this as a more reliable and easier way to catch the small Italian waves. Out of this daydream came his first SUP surfboard design.

Today, Fabio continues his quest to create the perfect board, one that performs at the highest level without compromising on reliability and durability. He produces a limited run of 100 boards every year that are 100% handcrafted by Fabio himself. When he is not researching and testing boards, you can find Fabio looking after his son, helping to promote the "right surfing culture" in Italy, teaching surfing technique at his club in Rome, running a board shaping/handcrafting school, or discussing his passions.

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