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Team Sawyer - Tony Glassman

Tony has been an avid whitewater rafter for the past 15 years. Residing out of Avon, Colorado, he spends the majority of his time rafting Colorado creeks. Tony is currently an ambassador for Sawyer Paddles and Oars, Down River Equipment, AIRE Whitewater, & Rafting Magazine. Over the past few years, he has been branching out and also spending time in the Pacific Northwest & Idaho. Last year Tony, along with some of the best rafters in the country, joined forces to produce “Yaw the Movie.” Yaw showcases rafters running creeks and waterfalls typically only attempted by kayaks.

Sawyer SquareTop Oar Testimonial by Tony Glassman

"I've been rowing for over a decade, and no other piece of gear has made a bigger difference. The SquareTop [Oars] change the entire way a raft/cat/dory move through the water. The rebound on them delivers a snap like no other, propelling the boat exactly where you want it to go. The counterbalance and lightweight of the oars also relieve fatigue caused by holding the oars all day. The other major bonus is that if they do end up in the water, they float flat, allowing for easy recovery."


Featuring Tony and many more of our talented Sawyer Ambassadors. Here is the teaser!

Favorite Items On The Water:

  • Favorite Oars for everyday and big water – 9’ Sawyer Square Tops
  • Favorite Oars for tight creeks – 8’ Sawyer Polecats with DyneLite Blades
  • Favorite Paddles – Sawyer Canyon X 64”
  • Favorite Oar locks – Sawyer Cobras
  • Favorite Frame – Down River Equipment Clear Creek welded Cat frame
  • Favorite Raft for big water – AIRE Wave Destroyer 12’
  • Favorite Raft for creeks – AIRE Puma
  • Favorite Raft for waterfalls – AIRE 130E Series
  • Favorite Rescue PFD – Astral Green Jacket
  • Favorite conservation organization – American Whitewater

Tony's Favorites