Sawyer's History

American Craftsmanship since 1967 (with the Smoker™ Brand going back to the 1930’s)

Sawyer offers a full line of modern and traditional products for oarsmen, canoeists, kayakers, surfers and paddlers of all genres, delivered into your hands to provide unsurpassed function, performance and beauty. We design and handcraft every product in Talent, Oregon, USA, ensuring everything we make is from the highest quality materials with careful attention to detail. We take pride in our employees, stewardship of the environment and our country. In return, you have the assurance of knowing the product you receive from us is genuine, made in America and cannot be replicated. Sawyer products are designed by paddlers, oarsmen and surfers alike to fully meet your performance needs. Pick one up today and experience "The Feel of Water!"

Ownership of Sawyer Paddles and Oars LLC and Sawyer Station Retail is split equally between three partners. Zac Kauffman, Israel Ramirez, and Shyne Tourville have been with the company since 2012 and have been active partners since 2017. This management team has been leading every aspect of Sawyer, from SquareTop laminations, and messy days in the varnish room to sales worldwide.

Sawyer is committed to innovating and expanding our product lines with high-performance materials, made possible by consistent delivery and sourcing of raw materials that our customers value and seek out over other manufacturers. Our craftsmen recognize and appreciate our partnerships and have pride in every step of our production processes.

This team has been instrumental in Sawyer's growth over recent years, with innovation, quality, and new product development being core to expanding the Sawyer and Smoker brands. We look forward to an outstanding 2021 season and beyond.

Thank you for choosing Sawyer!