Team Sawyer - Hutch Hutchison


Hutch began his water adventuring in the early to mid-70’s by paddling pieces of plywood down small to medium-sized rivers in Northern NH and Maine. His Dad then bought the family's first rowboat (all of 12ft), and now he could go ANYWHERE on ANY river or Lake. Or so he thought! Hutch has had a love of rivers and being on the water anywhere and everywhere ever since.

Hutch started his professional fish guiding career in 1984 in Alaska, where he rowed various types of boats on 30+ different waterways over about a 15-year span. After moving to Colorado in 1986, he began splitting his time between Colorado and Alaska. Hutch has rowed or paddled on over 60 different rivers, 50 different lakes, 2 different oceans, 21 different states, 2 Canadian provinces and Baja Mexico. Some rivers have been as big and awesome as the Colorado through the Grand Canyon and as small and skinny as the Crystal River in CO, with all sorts of rivers and streams in between. Currently, Hutch is the Southwest Regional Business Manager for The Orvis Company and shares the great waters around Basalt, CO with his wonderful wife Paige, 5yr old Son Ryder and trusted 4-legged boating and traveling companion Tank.

Favorite Items On The Water:

  • Favorite Oars and Paddles - Sawyer (of course!!) Square Tops w/either Wide Dynalite Blades or Shoal Cut Blades
  • Favorite Raft - Stream Tech Boats rigged with Sawyer Oars
  • Favorite Fishing Boat (Rivers) - Stream Tech Boats or Boulder Boat Works rigged with Sawyer Oars
  • Favorite Whitewater Boat - Stream Tech Boats rigged with Sawyer Oars
  • Favorite Flat Water small to Big River Boat - 18’ Lowe with 40hp Jet AND rigged with Sawyer Oars
  • Favorite Flats Boats - Hells Bay Boatworks
  • Favorite Cooler - Yeti
  • Favorite Watersports Supply Company - Cascade Outfitters in Boise, ID
  • Favorite Fly Rods - Orvis Helios 2’s
  • Favorite Flask - Orvis Digi-Camo Flask (a little small, but it looks cool)

Hutch's Favorites