Team Sawyer - Doug Izzo


Doug was introduced to whitewater rafting on the Deschutes River in 2017. Since the first time he stepped in a boat and put his hands on a paddle, he has been hooked and takes every opportunity to be on the water, pushing and progressing further in the craft. When Doug connected with Team Sawyer member Robert Delgado, boating took on a whole new meaning and intensity. He knew right away that the crew with Robert and using the Sawyer paddles were where passion could intersect with excellence.

Doug puts consistent, driven energy into developing strong R2 partnerships, where trust, communication, and practice deliver seamless, connected lines through big drops and complex rapids. Home for Doug is currently Bend, Oregon, where during the week, he and his wife both work as mental health professionals. It is one of Doug's passions and values to prioritize holistic wellness, and he brings an emotional, mental and spiritual depth to each experience on the water.

Favorite Items On The Water:

  • Favorite Paddle - FREEFALL XD WW RAFT PADDLE
  • Favorite Raft - Maravia Spider
  • Favorite Rivers - White Salmon, Canyon Creek (EF Lewis), Wind River, Hood River and Breitenbush River
  • Favorite River Events: BoatSmith Whitewater Festival & Upper Wind River Festival
  • Favorite Action Camera: GoPro Hero 8
  • Favorite Conservation Organization: American Whitewater

Dougs's Favorite