Team Sawyer - Colby Crossland


For those that don’t know him, Colby D Crossland has been a professional fly-fishing guide for Spinnerfall Outfitters on the Green River since 2011. He takes pride in trying to be a kind and patient guide who loves to share knowledge and help others gain the confidence to be better anglers and oarsmen. Colby spends the warmer months of the year guiding out of Dutch John, but when the temperature drops, he splits his time between Salt Lake City and the Southwest deserts and tries to explore Mexico and Central America. Colby has a passion for being on the water and just trying to make the world a kinder, cleaner, and better place.

Favorite Items On The Water:

  • Favorite Oars - SMOKER DYNELITE OAR 9’6” w/SHOALCUT BLADE. Lots of flex, and they do not break.
  • Favorite Fishing Boat (Rivers) - STEALTHCRAFT SUPERFLY is the most comfortable boat to fish out of bar none. They have done an excellent job breaking from the mold of what a drift boat has to be.
  • Favorite Coolers - CANYON COOLERS Sharper corners, fit into boats cleaner and keep plenty of ice.
  • Favorite Fly Rods - SWIFT FLYFISHING/EPIC RODS out of New Zealand. Known for high-end fiberglass rods, but the carbon/graphite rods are amazing.
  • Favorite Fly Reels - I have never really found a reel I must have; just a fan of good quality reels that do their job.
  • Favorite Sunglasses- Sunglasses are tough for me with an RX and not being able to wear contacts. I have used Smith for the last few years and have been more than happy, but if anyone has recommendations for the best RX sunglasses, let me know.
  • Favorite Conservation Organization- REEL RECOVERY is a group that I have donated many trips and a lot of time. The board is exceptional, and I have seen the money spent well. BACKCOUNTRY HUNTERS & ANGLERS is another group that I see doing a ton of great work locally, and I love to see its reach. UTAH RIVERS COUNCIL has also been a strong voice in Utah along with USAC and Fish For Garbage.

Colby's Favorites