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Sawyer Custom Fabric Wrap Guidelines


Must be a plain weave type fabric in a cotton or cotton/poly blend (no synthetics). Fabrics designed for quilting usually work great. Your fabric goes under the fiberglass veil so some colors may go translucent (especially whites that are woven versus printed in an opaque ink) and others may go darker. Get a sample of the fabric wet to get an idea of how it will look on your paddle or oar.


ModelPartFabric DimensionsSuggested Yardage
Pro Stick/SST Oar Shaft 4.25"" W x 6' L * 2 + yards/paddle (see Note)
Composite Oar Shaft 7.25"" W x 6' + L* 2 + yards/oar (see Note)

*NOTE: Estimated length of fabric for a shaft wrap: Total Oar/Paddle Length - 2 feet = Length of fabric needed. More is needed for linear patterns than random patterns, so error on the longer side.